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Knox County Farmers Listing

Business Directory and Farmer list for 1890-1891 Omaha:
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890 Entered according to
Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co, in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Surname, First, Initial. Post Office
Abenhouse W. Morrillville
Abraham E. Santee Agency
Abrams H. Knoxville
Ackenback H. Verdigree
Adams J. M. Bazile Mills
Adams J. W. S. Walnut Grove
Adams L. Walnut Grove
Adams Lewis Walnut Grove
Adams N. W. Walnut Grove
Agen Ezra Creighton
Agge Leopold Bazile Mills
Albinc John Peoria
Allen Edward Kemma
Allen Simpson Kemma
Allen Viola Kemma
Anderson Adolph Thorson
Anderson Aud Manning
Anderson Aug. Lloyd
Anderson G. O. Lloyd
Anderson Paul Bazile Mills
Andrews A. B. Morrillville
Andrews H. L. Walnut Grove
Arnt John Bazile Mills
Arms A. Armstrong
Arms F. Halestown
Arms James Halestown
Armstrong C.D. Blyville
Armstrong D. Blyville
Arndt Peter Bazile Mills
Avron A. G. Walnut Grove
Ayers John Manning
Baker Alva A. Manning
Baker Walker Creighton
Balehanor John Mars
Ballantyne A. Halestown
Ballantyne G. Halestown
Ballantyne Geo Halestown
Ballantyne Jas Halestown
Ballantyne Jon Halestown
Ballantyne W. Halestown
Ballantyne Mar Halestown
Bahnoy R. Verdigris Bridge
Bange Klaus Millerborough
Banker John Blyville
Bard John M. Creighton
Barnet Peter Halestown
Barg John Halestown
Barker Alfred Welch
Barker J. Santee Agency
Barnes C. H. Creighton
Barnes E. D. Brazile Mills
Barnes George Mars
Barnes George S Mars
Barnes Wm Welch
Barta John Pishelville
Beck John Verdigre
Behrendt Emil Morrillville
Bell S. E. Verdigre
Bem James Verdigris Bridge
Bennett J. Orient
Bennett Edwin Creighton
Bennett George Creighton
Bennett Wilber Creighton
Benoit Henry Verdigre
Beran John Verdigre
Berger Frank Verdigre
Bertak John Verdigre
Bicek Mary Brazile Mills
Biglow Charles Niobrara
Biglow Charlott Niobrara
Biglow E. J. Niobrara
Bill John Welch
Bin John Brazile Mills
Binge Frank Armstrong
Bird M. A. Creighton
Bituk Joseph Pishelville
Blacksmith S Welch
Blade Gustav Halestown
Blank Eva B. Walnut Grove
Blankenfelt J. Welch
Block Herman Knoxville
Bloom J. Verdigris Bridge
Bloomquist C P Thorson
Blozek Joseph Pishelville
Bly George M. Blyville
Bly George W. Blyville
Bly J. A. Blyville
Boan T. M. Pischeville
Boaz T. H. Venus
Boelter E. L. Walnut Grove
Borge David Creighton
Borr George Walnut Grove
Bosse Francis Lloyd
Bradoe C. A. Walnut Grove
Branst Charles Mars
Branst Fred Mars
Braut James Welch
Brass Charles Welch
Briggs Henry Knoxville
Brodoe Carl Walnut Grove
Brodoe W. S. Walnut Grove
Brookhauser H. Mars
Brooks George Bazile Mills
Brown John Welch
Brown John D. Sparta
Brown R. Santee Agency
Brown S. S. Walnut Grove
Brown William Knoxville
Bruce John Manning
Bruce R. F. Manning
Bruer E. D. Mars
Bucholz Henry Morrillville
Buckhart George Mars
Buffington C. Verdigris Bridge
Buffington H. Verdigris Bridge
Buggerson Nels Mars
Buhrow John Weigand
Burkar John Morrillville
Bumar David Manning
Burt Wilson Knoxville
Burdick Carrie Verdigre
Burdick J. M. Creighton
Burdick W. H. Creighton
Burgess William Bazile Mills
Burns J. L. Walnut Grove
Burns William Creighton
Burt J. L. Creighton
Busch Truman Halestown
Buschelman A. Halestown
Bussler Louis Morrillville
Butterfield E Walnut Grove
Butterfield F Walnut Grove
Butterfield F S Walnut Grove
Butterfield J N Walnut Grove
Butterfield J Walnut Grove
Butterfield W H Creighton
Bugghart J. Verdigris Bridge
Campbell A. Santee Agency
Campbell Hugh Welch
Campbell J. Santee Agency
Campbell J. M. Santee Agency
Canady Byron Kemma
Canady John W. Kemma
Cane James Verdigre
Canfield A. J. Verdigre
Canfield J. Verdigre
Canfield Robt Verdigre
Carder Frances Creighton
Carlson A. J. Morrillville
Carlson Andrew Weigand
Carlson John Lloyd
Carpenter C. Walnut Grove
Carver O. W. Mars
Case John C. Verdigre
Case M. B. Morrillville
Casey John Creighton
Cassidy Oscar Morrillville
Chappol William Verdigre
Charles H. E. Mars
Chase A. F. Millerborough
Chicken J. Walnut Grove
Chase Justice Morrillville
Chase N. A. Bazile Mills
Chockolowski A. Verdigre
Christensen N. Halestown
Cimm William Creighton
Clausen Hans Creighton
Clausen Henry Dressen
Clare John Manning
Clark Frank G. Morrillville
Clark Louis G. Bazile Mills
Clark T. M. Morrillville
Clark W. R. Morrillville
Cleveland Chas Creighton
Close D. B. Morrillville
Clyde C. E. Walnut Grove
Clyde Lertie Walnut Grove
Clymms W. Welch
Coe George Walnut Grove
Coe J. S. Walnut Grove
Cole George Morrillville
Cole Lewis Morrillville
Colson Albert Creighton
Conklin D. A. Sparta
Conklin George Sparta
Cook A. R. Walnut Grove
Cooley E. M. Santee Agency
Coop Anderson Bazile Mills
Cooper William Knoxville
Corbette T. A. Sparta
Cordill J. P. Niobrara
Cordie G. D. Plum Valley
Cordie J. H. Plum Valley
Cordie L. N. Plum Valley
Cornish George Plum Valley
Corrall Joseph Creighton
Coryell F. N. Morrillville
Cramer H. M. Creighton
Cramer O. W. Creighton
Crandall A. W. Millerborough
Crooker Charles Verdigre
Crockette Chas Morrillville
Cross B. H. Jr Creighton
Cross G. Creighton
Cross James Morrillville
Cross L. Creighton
Cross L. Welch
Cross Levander Morrillville
Cross William Creighton
Culbertson J F Bazile Mills
Dacek Vac Verdigre
Damel Marion Knoxville
Dance B. N. Mars
Dancet Autum Sparta
Daver F. E. Verdigre
Daver Nancy Knoxville
David Al Manning
Davis Edgar Brazile Mills
Davis John Creighton
Davis John Verdigris Bridge
Davis Joseph Verdigris Bridge
Davis Sanford Kemma
Davey Ezra W. Creighton
Davlik J. Veridgre
Davy Charley Bazile Mills
Davy Clint Creighton
Davy Monzo Bazile Mills
Davy Weid Bazile Mills
Dean C. B. Halestown
Dedlow John Millerborough
Dengis W. H. Verdigris Bridge
Deterka J. Verdigris Bridge
Deters Adolph Bazile Mills
Dickman Jacob Creighton
Dietz Morritz Creighton
Doane A. N. Morrillville
Dobrichoosky V. Pishelville
Doealing M. Halestown
Doering Henry Weigand
Dolphin John Halestown
Donahue J. W. Creighton
Donahue Frank Knoxville
Dorman Amy Verdigre
Dongan W. M. Santee Agency
Downs John Mars
Doyle B. N. Pischelville
Dozo Augustus Weigand
Dressen Peter Dressen
Drews William Peoria
Drobury Joseph Verdigre
Dunk Anton Verdigre
Durk J. H. Bazile Mills
Duzak J. Pischelville
Dwan N. P. Knoxville
Dwarek M. Verdigre
Dwinell J. Verdigris Bridge
Dwinell J. Verdigris Bridge
Dwinell O. Verdigris Bridge
Ebright Henry Manning
Edgerton Geo Creighton
Effel Nick Mars
Egge Charles Bazile Mills
Eggert Louis Morrillville
Ehunding O. Creighton
Ehunding Hans Creighton
Eickelman O. Halestown
Elijah A. Santee Agency
Elis Vincent Armstrong
Ellinbrook Geo Verdigre
Ellingson I. Bazile Mills
Ellingson N. Bazile Mills
Ellis W. N. Creighton
Ellison M. Halestown
Emerson Kat Creighton
Emery J. Q. Bazile Mills
Erickson E. W. Lloyd
Erracki M. Verdigre
Erram James Knoxville
Erugdah Emil Thorson
Everett Frank Welch
Everett George Welch
Everette R. M. Bazile Mills
Ewing J. Bazile Mills
Ewing Oliver Bazile Mills
Ewing R. Bazile Mills
Fairbanks J W Mankato
Faith C. Mars
Faith George Mars
Faciboalt L. Santee Agency
Falton Jacob Creighton
Farrell J. Halestown
Farrell John Jr Weigand
Farrell M. Weigand
Farrell Rich Weigand
Farrell Wm Weigand
Feastimaker F. Creighton
Fila Joseph Verdigre
Filbrick Chris Welch
Filbrick Jos Welch
Filter Carl Bazile Mills
Filter William Bazile Mills
Filter W. T. Bazile Mills
Finkle James M Kemma
Finkle R. R. Kemma
Fishback J. Verdigre
Fishback J. Niobrara
Fisher Frank Bazile Mills
Fletcher Ws Orient
Foecke Henry Halestown
Foreman Ide Walnut Grove
Forteman Wm. Verdigre
Fox Eliza E. Creighton
Franklin John E Verdigre
Franklin W. S. Verdigre
Fredrick L. Walnut Grove
French F. W. Verdigre
Fricke Amelia Verdigre
Fricke Henry Creighton
Fricke J. Verdigris Bridge
Fritz Anton Bazile Mills
Gardow Henry Weigand
Gardow Herman Weigand
Gambonia Frank Verdigre
Gard L. C. Bloomfield
Gardner J. W. Mars
Gardner Turner Mars
Gasngobst Wm Weigand
Gauns George C. Weigand
Geaubauski G. Armstrong
Geove S. M. Adison
Geofton John A. Creighton
Geresche L Verdigre
George Joseph Welch
Geneik Rosalie Welch
Gladding C. B. Santee Agency
Glunsdale Peter Verdigre
Goddard D. J. Verdigre
Godfrey James Niobrara
Godslik A. H. Weigand
Goergueson T. Morrillville
Goodman Dan Creighton
Goodteacher Job Niobrara
Granger Daniel Kemma
Graham J. Welch
Graham Walter Weigand
Grandstaff F Verdigre
Grandstaff Jon Verdigre
Grandstaff S Verdigre
Grant James Walnut Grove
Grant John Sparta
Green John Santee Agency
Green John Mars
Gregg George Blyville
Griffin John Kemma
Griffin Patrick Creighton
Grim Catherine Walnut Grove
Grim D. B. Walnut Grove
Grim H. Walnut Grove
Grim H. S. Walnut Grove
Grim Jacob Walnut Grove
Grim Julia Walnut Grove
Grim L. W. Walnut Grove
Grim T. Walnut Grove
Grim William D. Walnut Grove
Groeling H. Walnut Grove
Groner Daniel Bazile Mills
Gross Frank Verdigre
Gross John T. Dukeville
Guenwuch Aug. Peoria
Guewuch Carles Bazile Mills
Grunburg John Peoria
Gust August Aten
Hadges Charles Santee Agency
Haight C. E. Creighton
Haight W. K. Creighton
Haley Anthony Bazile Mills
Hall Dan Sparta
Hall E. Creighton
Hall E. M. Welch
Hall E. S. Halestown
Hall T. A. Ponca
Hall W. W. Creighton
Hallberg A. G. Sparta
Halferson J. Santee Agency
Halverson G. Sparta
Halverson H. Niobrara
Halverson Mary Bazile Mills
Halverson O. H Sparta
Hamfield Aug. Bazile Mills
Hamilton C. D. Walnut Grove
Hamilton R. T. Walnut Grove
Hammond E. A. Bazile Mills
Hammond W. H. Morrillville
Hamser J. B. Walnut Grove
Hansen Louis Sparta
Hanson Jacob Sparta
Hanson L. M. Walnut Grove
Hanson Nels Walnut Grove
Hanson Ole Thorson
Harlin John Halestown
Harper George Bazile Mills
Harrom C. O. Bazile Mills
Haskin Joseph A Mars
Hathaway C. F. Bazile Mills
Hathaway Frank Creighton
Hause J. C. Weigand
Havens D. A. Kemma
Hawley S. Santee Agency
Hayes John Weigand
Hayford A. D. Morrillville
Hayford E. S. Morrillville
Hefner Detif Dressen
Hefner Henry Dressen
Hefner John Dressen
Hefner John Jr. Dressen
Hegge Burdick Halestown
Hellberg A. K. Bazile Mills
Helpensell Anna Morrillville
Helpenstill L C Morrillville
Heman James Santee Agency
Hengives J. W. Mars
Henrick Patrick Welch
Hensman Joseph Plum Valley
Hermnick Blozy Pishelville
Heron Harm Welch
Herrick W. C. Herrick
Herron James Creighton
Hetges William Mars
Hess C. H. Knoxville
Hess H. Knoxville
Hewitt Frank Orient
Hibek Mike Pishelville
Hight J. S. Walnut Grove
Hight S. P. Walnut Grove
Hight W. E. Walnut Grove
Hudrith John W Verdigre
Hill Charles Santee Agency
Hill Henry Peoria
Hill John Creighton
Hims D. A. Walnut Grove
Himes Elizabeth Ponca
Himes Louis Ponca
Hirsemand H. Bazile Mills
Hitchcock A. W Bloomfield
Hitk Gottlieb Bazile Mills
Hodson George Knoxville
Hoferer Wm Creighton
Hoffland Hans Sparta
Hoffman Eugene Welch
Hogman J. Walnut Grove
Holan Frank Sparta
Holan Frank Verdigre
Holan Joseph Bazile Mills
Holink James T Sparta
Hoover Charles Walnut Grove
Hormik Albert Verdigre
Horrsch A. Walnut Grove
Horskman C. Verdigre
Horton Bros Verdigre
Horton T. B. Verdigre
Hubbard M. Y. Herrick
Hubbard W. C. Knoxville
Hudson W. C. Herrick
Hult N. P. Lloyd
Hult William Pishelville
Hunckson L. P. Orient
Hunfer Horace Piselville
Ira Dr. Niobrara
Jackson Oliver Verdigre
Jacob Ed Verdigre
Jacob Henry Peoria
Jacobs W. M. Mars
Jalak F. Verdigris Bridge
James John Weigand
Jana Charles J Verdigre
Janes Margaret Morrillville
Janes Zith Verdigre
Jaquist F. Santee Agency
Jeddicka V. Bazile Mills
Jenkenson Burt Knoxville
Jonson Lars Lloyd
Jerison Charles Mars
Jeronsek Frank Sparta
Jiskra Joesph Pishelville
Joell Francis Ponca
Joell Frank Ponca
Joell John A. Ponca
Joell Mary L. Ponca
Johnson Bros. Thorson
Johnson Carl Knoxville
Johnson O C. Thorson
Johnson Clause Blyville
Johnson D. E. Verdigre
Johnson Ed Verdigre
Johnson F. F Thorson
Johnson Henry Welch
Johnson J. P. Bazile Mills
Johnson J. P. Verdigre
Johnson Nels Verdigre
Johnson N. P. Thorson
Johnson Olof Blyville
Johnson P. Morrillville
Johnson S. A. Lloyd
Johnson Sol Ponca
Johnson S. W. Thorson
Johnson Victor Blyville
Johnson Victor Thorson
Jones Abram Niobrara
Jones Ben Creighton
Jones Conway Morrillville
Jones C. W. Morrillville
Jones David Morrillville
Jones Henry Santee Agency
Jones John Welch
Jones R. T. Weigand
Jones Sam Welch
Jones Thomas Morrillville
Jordan Joseph Knoxville
Kadet A. Verdigris Bridge
Kamanski Chas. Verdigre
Kamrow A. A. Bazile Mills
Kane Anna Morrillville
Kane Emil Pishelville
Kane G. L. Morrillville
Kane James Morrillville
Kelley J. H. Mars
Kellogg Morton Creighton
Kemp Charles Aten
Kennier Henry Verdigre
Kikalska Thomas Verdigre
Kinch Levi Morrillville
Kingman Call Creighton
Kins Fred Bazile Mills
Kimball H. S. Armstrong
Kitchen Joseph Bazile Mills
Kitchen J. R. Bazile Mills
Kittle M. Verdigris Bridge
Kitto Joseph Santee Agency
Kivbe G. W. Morrillville
Klemens Fred Verdigre
Klement Hinek Verdigre
Klopfer Earnest Verdigre
Klemker E. Halestown
Kneka Wenzel Pishelville
Knapp Maty Pishelville
Konnoosky J. S. Pishelville
Kobal Frank Sparta
Kobal John Sparta
Kolas Mary Verdigre
Kollar G. F. Bazile Mills
Kopal Joseph Verdigre
Kopka William Dressen
Kopytka Frank Verdigre
Kosino Nicholas Verdigre
Kotal Joseph Verdigre
Kovanda Karl Pishelville
Kraper Herman Blyville
Kruse Christ Verdigre
Kruse James Creighton
Kruze Fred Weigand
Krynik Marty Pischelville
Kuff D. O Pishelville
Kugan Jane Morrillville
Kuhn M. R. Walnut Grove
Kunkal Frank Pishelville
Kunkal John Pishelville
Kuman August Bazile Mills
Kumm Sofa D. Bazile Mills
Kun A. D. Verdigre
Kunht Elizabeth Ponca
Kuper H. S. Armstrong
Kyriss Conrad Bazile Mills
Kyriss Fred Bazile Mills
Kyrk Suvor Creighton
Ladd John Creighton
Lads Mrs. K. Mars
Lads Norman Mars
Laferge J. Verdigris Bridge
Laird W. W. Weigand
Lake Lewis A. Kemma
Lambert Aug Verdigre
Land D. C. Weigand
Larson C. Mrs. Lloyd
Larson Christ Orient
Larson Christ Sparta
Larson C. O. Lloyd
Larson C. P. Lloyd
Larson G. A. Lloyd
Larson G. W. Lloyd
Larson John Sparta
Larson John Lloyd
Larson L. D. Walnut Grove
Lawrence G. Santee Agency
Lawrence S. Niobrara
Lee Mary Knoxville
Lee Tom Bazile Mills
Leease R. R. Morrillville
Levi Henry Knoxville
Levi James Knoxville
Lindermann J. Plum Valley
Lindquis C. Thorson
Lindsay J. Tir Ponca
Lindsay W. P. Ponca
Lingren E. P. Thorson
Linn Theo Peoria
Liska Frank Sparta
Liska Joseph Sparta
Livwoorn George Creighton
Lober H. Weigand
Logerman N. Walnut Grove
Long H. W. Walnut Grove
Long Z. T. Walnut Grove
Lovelette W. F. Creighton
Lovell James Plum Valley
Lovejoy O. Santee Agency
Loviless John Verdigre
Lubber J. B. Bazile Mills
Lucas G. W. Ponca
Luckert J. C. Kemma
Ludie John Weigand
Lulos S. Santee Agency
Lundock John Pishelville
Lung H. Walnut Grove
Lunstok Frank Pishelville
McCline J. Verdigris Bridge
McClintock F. Bloomfield
McCoy H. L. Creighton
McCrone W. J. Morrillville
McDonald D. Creighton
McDonald Dun Bazile Mills
McGill Roger Creighton
McGraw J. C. Bazile Mills
McGraw R. Bazile Mills
McGraw Pat Bazile Mills
McGrew C. H. Creighton
Mackay A. J. Bazile Mills
Mackey James Creighton
Mackey Lanz Creighton
McLaughlin T. F Armstrong
McNeel P. Knoxville
McPike M. Walnut Grove
McSweeney J. Welch
Mades Aug Weigand
Mahoke William Welch
Maly Frank Verdigre
Manham H. C. Creighton
Manham Wm. Creighton
Mankey Emil Creighton
Mankey Fred Jr. Creighton
Mankey Fred Sr. Creighton
March A. J. Creighton
Marchsm Emil Pishelville
Marcham J. A. Creighton
Maroon Albert Armstrong
Marketim John Verdigre
Marks Ed. H Kemma
Marshan Lewis Pishelville
Martey John Creighton
Martinek Frank Verdigre
Martinson Martin Sparta
Masat Albert Verdigre
Mason Bros Halestown
Mason R H Creighton
Mastaller Vac Verdigre
Mateer James Niobrara
Mateer John Niobrara
Mathew D A Blyville
Mathe James Blyville
Mathew J. C. Verdigris Bridge
Matthews C L Verdigris Bridge
Matthews J. Verdigris Bridge
Mattur Stephen Bazile Mills
Melchert Carl Kemma
Menhalbrandt E Blyville
Merritt A. Creighton
Merritt M M Welch
Meschke Charles Weigand
Metzler Louis Weigand
Meyers Charles Knoxville
Meyers Henry Bazile Mills
Meyers Joseph Bazile Mills
Michel Emil Verdigre
Mickle John Creighton
Middlekouff J. Lloyd
Middlekouff C C Lloyd
Milchert J R Creighton
Miles John Bazile Mills
Miller David Millerborough
Miller David Verdigre
Miller J M Millerborough
Miller L Mrs Niobrara
Miller Nathan Kemma
Miller Otto Creighton
Minanik F. Vac Pishelville
Minanik Vaclow Pishelville
Miske Michael Weigand
Mitchel Charles Verdigre
Mitchell Joseph Knoxville
Mitchell V. P. Santee Angency
Mlady Frank Sparta
Mlady John Pishelville
Moat Richard Creighton
Moncrif William Creighton
Montgomery J Walnut Grove
Montgomery M J Kemma
Mooney Luke Bloomfield
Moose Charles Santee Agency
Moose Sam Blyville
Moran H C Plum Valley
Morgan E O Plum Valley
Morrill H W Morrillville
Morrill M B Mars
Mott George Walnut Grove
Mott Mary Walnut Grove
Mott Josei Walnut Grove
Mozena V. Verdigris Bridge
Mulhbrandt Wm Weigand
Muller Aug Kemma
Murphy H. Santee Agency
Nadanot Vac Verdigris Bridge
Nancy A S Santee Agency
Navacheck A Verdigre
Nedovont F J Verdigris Bridge
Nefstead C Bazile Mills
Neefort Daniel Kemma
Neefort James Kemma
Nelson Alfred Blyville
Nelson Andrew Thorson
Nelson A P Thorson
Nelson August Thorson
Nelson Charles Thorson
Nelson Charles Verdigre
Nelson Christ Verdigre
Nelson C P Blyville
Nelson F J Verdigre
Nelson John P Blyville
Nelson Nels Verdigre
Neumann C R Bazile Mills
Neumann F S Bazile Mills
Neze W H Verdigris Bridge
Niehart Ellas Creighton
Niehart L. Creighton
Niehar Nath Creighton
Niltomer B Halestown
Nocker Frank Halestown
Norton A A Morrillville
Norton Chester Morrillville
Norton L M Morrillville
Norton Oscar Bazile Mills
Novak Frank Verdigre
Oberg K Bazile Mills
Obrist Ben Creighton
Obrist Milton Creighton
O'Connor P Morrillville
O'Connor T Morrillville
O'Donnell J Bazile Mills
O'Donnell Ed Morrillville
O'Donnell John Morrillville
O'Donnell Co Morrillville
O'Donnel John Morrillville
O'Donnovan T Morrillville
Odren Joseph Walnut Grove
Oliver J W Sparta
Olson Car A. Bazile Mills
Olson Elias Morrillville
Olson Gilbert Creighton
Olson James Thorson
Olson James Walnut Grove
Olson Peter Halestown
Omaley Patrick Creighton
Omaley Peter Creighton
Omaley P J Creighton
Osborn Frank Knoxville
Osborn J P Knoxville
Otto Carl Bazile Mills
Oudracek John Verdigre
Pagler J H Bazile Mills
Pangburn C D Creighton
Paris Joseph Verdigre
Parkhurst Calls Verdigre
Parkhurst J J Verdigre
Parkhurt John Verdigre
Parkis Charles Walnut Grove
Patterson A B Walnut Grove
Patton Bros Bloomfield
Patton S A Sr Bloomfield
Patton W D Bloomfield
Paulson Augusta Welch
Pauson H H C Bloomfield
Pavelka Albert Verdigre
Pavelka Florenz Verdigre
Pavillis Chas Verdigre
Pavilka Anna Verdigre
Pavlik Frank Verdigre
Pavlik John Verdigre
Pavlik Joseph Verdigre
Pearson Gus Creighton
Pease Charles E Welch
Peokop J Verdigris Bridge
Peterka F Verdigris Bridge
Peterson A N Thorson
Peterson C P Thorson
Peterson Erick Blyville
Peterson John Thorson
Peterson Peter Thorson
Peterson P L Bazile Mills
Peterson R Blyville
Pettit T S Venus
Phillips F Knoxville
Phillips P Knoxville
Phillips Sarah Knoxville
Pierce J T M Yankton SD
Pierce C F Santee Agency
Pitac Joseph Plum Valley
Pischel J Pishelville
Plank Antone Sparta
Prosket M A Pishelville
Purson E A Walnut Grove
Post H P Bazile Mills
Quick William Creighton
Quillen J Walnut Grove
Quimby Jasper Creighton
Raba John Armstrong
Racely A B Sparta
Racely J W Sparta
Rafferty Ed E Blyville
Rafferty S E Blyville
Ramm William Kemma
Ranch Conrad Blyville
Ranch Henry Bloomfield
Randall C F Bloomfield
Ray Robert Creighton
Raymonds T M Creighton
Raynolds W Santee Agency
Read James M Blyville
Rects J A Thorson
Reddy John Knoxville
Redowl Joseph Welch
Redwing Abrah Niobrara
Redwing A Santee Agency
Reid Chris J Verdigre
Renchel henry Verdigre
Rentzell G V Plum Valley
Pepeaning Christ Creighton
Ritter Thomas Bloomfield
Rich A E Bazile Mills
Rich George B Bazile Mills
Rich J H Creighton
Richling L Verdigris Bridge
Richling P Verdigris Bridge
Richmond B Bazile Mills
Rickey John Creighton
Riggs A Santee Agency
Risen John Creighton
Ritts Robert Armstrong
Roberts Benj. Walnut Grove
Roberts Hans Morrillville
Robertson John Pishelville
Robertson J Walnut Grove
Robertson O R Pishelville
Robinson Elijah Knoxville
Robinson J C Sparta
Robnson Robert Creighton
Robinson S Santee Agency
Robison W H Creighton
Robinette L Santee Agency
Rockwood J M Santee Agency
Roher John Pishelville
Root C C Blyville
Root F W Blyville
Rosenberger J E Niobrara
Ross John Niobrara
Ross William M Bazile Mills
Roulard John Niobrara
Ruchl Eggart Bazile Mills
Ruder J W Morrillville
Runtsch F Walnut Grove
Rush Frank Thorson
Rush J E Bazile Mills
Rutz Henry Bazile Mills
Rutz Thomas Bloomfield
Ryan John Creighton
Samuelson S J Halestown
Sandall C Bazile Mills
Sandoz Camille Verdigre
Sandoz Tell Verdigre
Satt P G Blyville
Saul David Niobrara
Saul John Niobrara
Saunders J C Walnut Grove
Saunders W Bazile Mills
Sawyer George Knoxville
Sawyer John Knoxville
Sawyer William Knoxville
Searls Andrew Morrillville
Searls Elizabeth Kemma
Sechwright Chas Creighton
Sechwright W H Creighton
See William Knoxville
Seecer James Bazile Mills
Schaline Wm Bazile Mills
Schaufield C Bazile Mills
Schmit Mike Welch
Schloner Edward Niobrara
Schnider S A Bloomfield
Schuell Fred Dressen
Schnir John Armstrong
Scotfor E F Santee Agency
Schriar Vinc Knoxville
Schroeder H Bazile Mills
Schriver Emil Verdigre
Schriver Emil Pishelville
Schriver R Armstrong
Schumaker A Halestown
Schur Carl Bazile Mills
Schur Earnest J Bazile Mills
Schur Earnest S Bazile Mills
Schutte Aug Bazile Mills
Shafer Peter Blyville
Shafer Theodore Blyville
Shalander A Thorson
Shalander John Thorson
Shanklin D S Creighton
Shanklin Henriet Creighton
Shanklin J H Creighton
Sharp Jerome Mars
Sherbrook J D Bazile Mills
Sherman Charles Halestown
Sherman Smith Niobrara
Shields A E Verdigris Bridge
Shindler Carl Dukeville
Shindler F Dukeville
Shindler Julius Dukeville
Shipman J O Bazile Mills
Shunansky Frank Pishelville
Shuster Thomas Verdigre
Sidney John Pishelville
Singel Michael Verdigre
Siger Frank Blyville
Simeltein I J Bazile Mills
Simmons Benj. Halestown
Skalnsky J Verdigris Bridge
Sky Ben Santee Agency
Slott J A Walnut Grove
Slauffer L Walnut Grove
Slama Frank Verdigre
Stoffer Simon Creighton
Smith A S Pishelville
Smith Charles Welch
Smith Charles Creighton
Smith Chris Welch
Smith Ed H Santee Agency
Smith Elijah Kemma
Smith J B Knoxville
Smith John Niobrara
Smith Joshua Bazile Mills
Smith L A Pischelville
Smith Peter Welch
Smith W C. Creighton
Smith William Knoxville
Smolek Joseph Verdigre
Snider Joseph Orient
Sokop Antone Verdigre
Somers C G Creighton
Soocoda Adoph Verdigre
Squire T S Walnut Grove
Spach A Sparta
Spencer E Plum Valley
Spencer J T Walnut Grove
Spencer Joseph Walnut Grove
Sperstad Ole Verdigre
Stack Gidson Bazile Mills
Stacks G W Morrillville
Stam A H Santee Agency
Stam Samuel Niobrara
Stark D Welch
Staufee J D Walnut Grove
Staural Albert Verdigre
Staural Thomas Verdigre
Steer Joseph Santee Agency
Steffen John Thorson
Stem Phillip Dressen
Stevens R K Walnut Grove
Stevens R P Armstrong
Stevenson John Bazile Mills
Steaves O G Creighton
Stockings Z G Morrillville
Stout F R Bazile Mills
Stout Maggie Bazile Mills
Stover W R Bazile Mills
Strain W A Bazile Mills
Strand O H Bazile Mills
Strandall P M Sparta
Strob C R Santee Agency
Strope A A Walnut Grove
Strope J J Walnut Grove
Strope M D Walnut Grove
Stubben Ole Bazile Mills
Stump John Knoxville
Sucer mary E Bazile Mills
Sukop A Verdigris Bridge
Sukop W Verdigris Bridge
Suley L L Millerborough
Sully Sam Santee Agency
Sundbin A Thorson
Sundstrom J Bazile Mills
Sunrit James B Creighton
Swan Debroh Santee Agency
Swan G Santee Agency
Swanson A Thorson
Swanson A P Thorson
Swanson C A Thorson
Swanson Gust Thorson
Swanson G W Thorson
Swell William Thorson
Tanner S A Bazile Mills
Tarben O W Millerborough
Taunk Vac Verdigre
Taukbac B Verdigre
Taylor M S Peoria
Tekalsky Mary Verdigre
Tekalsky Thomas Verdigre
Tenney Charles Walnut Grove
Tenney Dan Walnut Grove
Tenney S Walnut Grove
Thayer A D Knoxville
Thayer O Knoxville
Thomas George Santee Agency
Thomas George Verdigre
Thomas S Santee Agency
Thompson B Blyville
Thompson James Niobrara
Thompson John Niobrara
Thompson S. L. Blyville
Thompson T A Bazile Mills
Thompson T Bazile Mills
Thoreson T Bazile Mills
Thorson T T Thorson
Thurnan Louis W Mars
Titze F L Halestown
Townsend Wm Dukeville
Travis A J Mars
Travis H Mars
Travis H L Mars
Trudell Antonio Welch
Trudell August Welch
Trudell F Santee Agency
Trudell Peter Welch
Trudell Levi Welch
Truesdell H E Kemma
Truesdell W B Plum Valley
Truehale W S Bloomfield
Tucker J W Morrillville
Tuet Frank Pishelville
Tutte J C Santee Agency
Tweedy W M Blyville
Tylor Clinto Wiegand
Vakol Dan Verdigree
Vakop James Verdigre
Valentine Charl Peoria
Valentine J P S Morrillville
Valentine R. Peoria
VanBeauren B Armstrong
VanBrocklin Dan Verdigris Bridge
VanCamp Chars Verdigre
VanCamp Wm Verdigre
VanCleek A Walnut Grove
VanCleek B N Kemma
VanCleek J J Walnut Grove
VanHorn H Santee Agency
VanHouten John Creighton
Vanouk Frank Pishelville
Vemilya J K Verdigris Bridge
Vesely John Pishelville
Vibbard Malind Verdigris Bridge
Villa J Knoxville
Vosburg Hellin Creighton
Vosburg Julian Creighton
Voss B H Bazile Mills
Vrooman D K Walnut Grove
Vrooman L S Walnut Grove
Wackes Bruno Dressen
Wado James Knoxville
Wahlund John Thorson
Wakanna T Santee Agency
Wakelin C H Bazile Mills
Walt T C Santee Agency
Walker E Bazile Mills
Walker F N Santee Agency
Walker James B Niobrara
Walker J H Bazile Mills
Wall Joseph Thorson
Walters J M Blyville
Walter Seal Sparta
Walters T A Blyville
Walton J Walnut Grove
Walton J R Bazile Mills
Walton James G Creighton
Walton W A Creighton
Wamboed Sam Creighton
Ward C A Walnut Grove
Ward Joseph Walnut Grove
Ward Lewis Knoxville
Ward Tona Knoxville
Warner C A Creighton
Warriner W S Bazile Mills
Watters J P Knoxville
Webber W C Creighton
Webster Phillip Welch
Webster Samuel Welch
Welchert Antone Blyville
Willman H W Walnut Grove
Wells Samuel Welch
Wells William Knoxville
Wells W W Knoxville
Wert Edward Knoxville
Westerfield G W Armstong
Westman H Santee Agency
Whaley James Creighton
Whiffler Henry Creighton
Whipple Ben Welch
Whipple G Santee Agency
White C E Bloomfield
White J Santee Agency
White W Walnut Grove
Whitnaben Chas Kemma
Wiegand H C Weigand
Wrischendorf F Plum Valley
Wilce N N Orient
Wild J A Thorson
Wild Jess Mars
Wilows G Pishelville
Willsie A B Knoxville
Wilson C Bazile Mills
Wilson D E Bazile Mills
Winchell H Morrillville
Winchell W C Knoxville
Winter W J Creighton
Wolfe Samuel Welch
Wood Alfred Bloomfield
Wood J W Bloomfield
Wood F W Sparta
Woods John F Bazile Mills
Woods William Bazile Mills
Woolwortn E. Weigand
Worder George Mars
Worder John Mars
Wright A Sparta
Writh Joseph Pishelville
Wycoff N S Walnut Grove
Yugeves Henry Sparta
Zaller George Blyville
Zeck A Verdigris Bridge
Zenke Charles Blyville
Zike Alex Knoxville
Zirka Edward Bazile Mills