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Knox County Business Listing

1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List
of the Nebraska State Gazetteer

ADDISON, a rural post office in the north central part of Knox county, three miles east of the Sioux Indian Reservation Dyer O H, postmaster

ARMSTRONG, a postoffice in the western part of Knox county, 12 miles northeast of Creighton.

BAZILE MILLS, is located in the south central part of Knox county three and one-half miles north of Creighton the nearest railway station. It is distant from Niobrara, the county seat, 24 miles. Population, 150. Bank of Bazile Mills, Geo A Brooks, pres.

Bazile Mill Co, flour
Brooks Geo A, genl mdse
Darnell Wm, saloon
Gay A S, genl mdse
Saunders C A, postmaster
Saunders S N & Son, drugs
Saunders Wm & Son, hardware
Spring Lake Creamery, Geo A Brooks pres.
Twining I H, blacksmith, agl implts
Warner H W, harnessmaker

BLYVILLE is a post office in the eastern part of Knox county, 32 miles from Niobrara, the county seat.

Bly George W, postmaster
Leader John, blacksmith
Root Calvin, justice
Sherman C C, agl implts

CREIGHTON, is located in the southern part of Knox county, on the Niobrara line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., and has about 900 inhabitants. A magnificent country extending on every side, with a rich prolific soil, gives promise of increasing prosperity as it becomes more and more thoroughly ddeveloped. Large shipments of grain and live stock are already made from here. Among the improvements now being made the State Bank is erecting a new brick banking house to cost $8,000. The PARK kept by S. J. G. Irvin and THE PACIFIC J. E. Searls, proprietor, are both good hotels. Roller flour mills and feed mills are in operation here. The COURIER, Lucas and Logan, publishers, and the Knox County NEWS, published by W. T. March, are well conducted newspapers, attentive to the wants of the district. The churches are the Congregational, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, German Lutheran, Catholic and German Methodist. NOTE-Since the foregoing information was taken a large part of the city has been destroyed by fire.

Armstrong & Londregan, draymen
Armstrong S E, livery
Bagley E S, lumber, coal
Baitey A H Mrs, dressmaking
Baitey & March, harness
Ballawig Wm, shoemaker
Bard Charles A, agl implts
Barnhart H F, atty and notary
Berryman J H, atty
Blair E H & Co, hardware
Britt W H, phys
Brown W W, barber
Buckholz Joseph, genl mdse
Buckmaster Bros, live stock
Butterfield W H, livery
Caley W C, saloon
Campbell & Figgis, drugs
Campbell & Kyress, meat market
Campbell W C, phys
Cheney S W, shoemaker
Clark W H, livery
Commercial House, W Stoner prop
Cooper W B, real estate
Copeland J G, carpenter
Corell Bros Co, grain, live stock
Corell H G, loans
Courier (The) (weekly), Lucas & Logan editors and pubs
Creighton Feed Mills, N L Raymond prop
Creighton Roller Mills, Rehberg Bros props
Crum E A, real estate
Demmer J, photographer
Dickson Bros, genl mdse
Farrell O W, sta tel ex agt
Finson N Mrs, millinery
First National Bank, capital $50,000, Geo E Cheney pres, H H Parkhurst vice-pres, F E White cashier
Funke John, feed
Galley J H & Bro, genl mdse
Gardner A, drugs
Gardner Edwin, carpet weaver
Graesser & Hillhouse, genl mdse
Graham Wm, hardware
Hanford A J & Co, harness
Hazen Wm, phys
Henderson W L, atty
Henyan O D, jeweler
Hofferer Wm, furniture, undertake
Holbrook & Frees, lumber
Hook T M, marshal
Horkey Joseph, genl mdse
House & Son, meat market
Irwin S J G, prop The Park
Jameson Geo L, postmaster
Johnson J P, agl implts
Knox County News, (weekly), W T March prop
Kuester Charles, tailor
Kyriss Wm, meat market
Loeble & Son, genl mdse
Logan A C, real estate, justice
Lucas & Logan, editors and publishers The Courier
McCarn Bros, bankers
McGill A, drugs
March &Huyck, grocers
March W T, prop Knox County News
Marty Sam, saloon
Micham S E, clothing, etc.
Ocker Thomas, livery
Pacific (The), J E Searles prop
Packard J L, C A Sweet mgr, live stock
Pangburn C D, agl implts
Park (The), S J G Irwin prop
Perrin E, real estate
Peyton Robt M, notary
Philbrick J J, genl mdse
Raymond N L, contractor and prop feed mills
Rehberg Bros, props Creighton Roller Mills
Rice O W, atty at law, notary public
Richards E T, bakery
Rickly S A Mrs, millinery
Roberts Geo Dr, drugs
Rothwell Bros & Hake, live stock
Rumsey Nathan, blacksmith
Saunders Chas, wagonmaker
Scott A O, barber
Searles J E, prop The Pacific
Searles W L, agl implts
State Bank of Creighton, R M Peyton cashier
Stewart Sam E, dentist
Stoner Wm, prop Commercial House
Sweet C A, mgr J L Packard
Sylvester George, blacksmith
Tinschert A & J, blacksmith
Turner W L, jeweler
Urquhart W R, notions
Warrick & Dawson, real estate
Warrick F A, jeweler, justice
Wart M H & C A, fence mfrs
Weigel Jacob & Son, genl mdse
Wilson J H, restaurant
Yale Ira, dentist

DOLPHIN, a postoffice in the eastern part of Knox county, 12 miles northwest of Hartington.

DUKEVILLE, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Knox county, eight miles from Niobrara, the county seat.

Diez W. postmaster.

HALESTOWN, a postoffice formerly called Dolphin, in the eastern part of Knox county, 12 miles from Harrington, the nearest railway station. A good flouring mill is in operation here. Population, 50.

Ballantyne, Caya & Dolphi, genl mdse

HERRICK, a rural postoffice in the northeastern part of Knox county, 25 miles for O'Neill, the county seat of Holt county. Population, 75. Campbell N G, justice.

Clark & Herrick, genl mdse, drugs
Clark John L, postmaster

KEMMA, a postoffice in the northeastern part of Knox county, 25 miles from Niobrara, the county seat.

KNOXVILLE, a postoffice in the northwester part of Knox county, 15 miles west of Niobrara, the county seat. Population, 100.

Abrams H M, blacksmith
Hodson Geo R, genl mdse, drugs, hardware, agl implts, postmaster
Smith, Wm, blacksmith
Wells, Wm, justice
Zike F, justice

LLOYD, a postoffice in the southeastern part of Knox county, 40 miles from Niobrara, the county seat.

, a postoffice in the southwestern part of Knox county, 15 miles south of Niobrara, the county seat.

Ayers John, postmaster

MARS, a postoffice in the southwestern part of Knox county, 35 miles from Niobrara, the county seat. Creighton is the nearest railway station. Population, 30

Bissell Don F, justice
Charles H E, genl mdse
Joerissen Chas, postmaster

MILLERBOROUGH, a post office in the southwestern part of Knox county, 24 miles south of Niobrara, the county seat and six miles west of Creighton.

MORRILVILLE, a postoffice in the eastern part of Knox county, 25 miles east of Niobrara. Population 25.

NIOBRARA, is in the northern part of Knox county, of which it is the county seat and has a population of 750. It is beautifully situated on the high benchland in the valley at the confluence of the Missouri and Niobrara, Verdigre and Bazile valleys. It is the gateway to the Great Sioux Reservation in Nebraska, which was opened with that of the Dakota, and contains about 700,000 acres of excellent farming land. The improvements of late are a magnificent school edifice, costing $7,000. A substantial iron bridge costing $12,000, spans the Niobrara river at this point. It has well graded streets and a perfect system of drainage. The town is entirely out of debt. The Pork Packing House of B Bade is the principal industry, and the only one in northern Nebraska. A brewery and canning factory are next in importance. The Niobrara Valley Bank supplies all the funds necessary to carry on the business of both town and county, Wm. Barnum is president and S Draper, cashier. The leading hotel is the Hub bard house, Mrs. A. L. Towle, proprietress, which is first class and very popular. The leading religious denominations are the Presbyterian and Methodist Episcopal, both of which have neat and attractive edifices. The Episcopal denomination is the only other that has an organization. The Niobrara PIONEER and The Knox County DEMOCRAT both represent the counties interest. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Ry, (Iowa & Dakota Division), from the north and east terminates at Running Water a point across the river. Mail daily from Verdigre. The C. St. P. M. & O. R. R., is being extended from Randolph to this point, about 75 miles. The Sioux City and Northwester Ry. Co., are also making surveys with a view of continuing their line to Niobrara. Bade B, pork packer, meat market

Barnum W M, pres Niobrara Valley Bank
Board of Pension Examiners, Dr G W Ira pres, Dr V N Swan sec
Bollman Reuben, blacksmith, agl implts
Bonesteel & Turner, genl mdse
Boon O L, loans
Brown S H, flour and feed
Chambers B F, county judge
Clough G. R, genl mdse
Dodge C O, photographer
Draper house, Saml Sullivan prop
Draper S, attorney at law, notary, cashier Niobrara Valley Bank
Dworak W, lumber
Eaken J L, justice
Foerster & Geil, brewery
Freeday & Lutt, grocers
Fry Ed A, ed Niobrara Pioneer
Houston E A, atty
Hubbard House, Mrs A L Towle prop
Hvizdalek, V, furniture, undertake
Ira G W, phys
Knox County Democrat (weekly), John L. Sandtee, editor
Koster H, atty, notary
Koster House, Mrs M Koster prop
Lamont Wm, genl mdse
Lathrop E M, prop Niobrara & Yankton Stage and Express Line
Lenger Bros, agl implts
Lenger Bros & Co, harness
Lenger John F, saloon
Lundak Frank, real estate, loans, insurance
McCormack J N, justice, auctioneer
McGinnes J J, shoemaker
Marshall Charles, genl mdse
Miller L Mrs, dressmaker
Niobrara Lumber Yard, W Dworak prop
Niobrara Pioneer (weekly), Ed A Fry editor
Niobrara Valley Bank, capital paid up $15,000, W M Barnum pre, S Draper cashier
Niobrara & Yankton State and Express Line, B M Lathrop prop
Nippel C A, architect, surveyor
Opocensky F, genl mdse
Palon H D, livery
Paxten S L, carpenter
Randa Vac, attorney at law, abstracts of titles
Ross J V, merchant tailor
Rothchild L, clothing, furnishing goods
Santee John C, editor Knox County Democrat
Sheers L P, real estate
Shephard W & Co, harness, boots and shoes
Slason V, groceries
Stein C, furniture
Stetson M B, dentist
Stetson M L, painter
Storm Henry, saloon
Stumph Joseph, barber
Stumph Mary Mrs, restaurant
Sullivan Samuel, prop Draper House
Swan V N, drugs
Thomas J C & Co, drugs
Towle A L Mrs, prop Hubbard House
Vlasnik Bros, saloon
Ward Wm, livery
Watson Jennie Mrs, millinery
Watson S D, restaurant
Wellman L D, postmaster
Westermann H, real estate
Wilcox Lumber Co, Gustav Kosohitzky resident partner
Yantis A B, hardware

ORIENT, a postoffice in the southern part of Knox county, eight miles west of Creighton. Population, 10. Fletcher Wesley, postmaster, farmer

PEORIA, a post office in the eastern part of Knox county 20 miles north of Creighton, the nearest station on the Niobrara branch of the F. E. and M. V. R. R.

PISHELVILLE, a postoffice in the extreme northwestern part of Knox county on the Niobrara river, 14 miles from Niobrara, the county seat. About 250 stock growers and farmers living in this vicinity receive their mail at this office. Doyle B N, justice

Jilek V, flour mill
Kanovsky Jno, blacksmith
Pischel E L, genl mdse, hardware, agl implts, postmaster
Shreier R, justice

PLUM VALLEY, a small village in the central part of Knox county, at the edge of the Santee Sioux Indian Reservation.

Adams, Charles, justice
Cornish G. T, justice
Hensman Jos, postmaster

SANTEE AGENCY, a postoffice in the extreme northern part of Knox county, near the Missouri River, five miles northeast of Niobrara.

SPARTA, a post office on the Creighton and Niobrara stage line, in the north-central part of Knox county. It is ten miles south of Niobrara, the county seat. The Sioux Indian reservation is one mile east. Population, 25.

Racely J W, blacksmith
Racely Rob, justice
Robinson Chas H, real estate, ins.
Walter Neal, genl mdse, agl implts, postmaster

THORSON, a postoffice in the southeastern part of Knox county, 18 miles east of Creighton, a station on the Niobrara line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R.

VENUS, a postoffice in the southwestern part of Knox county, 30 miles from Niobrara, the county seat.

Adams M, blacksmith
Strope W W, justice
Whitmore S L, postmaster

VERDIGRE, a thriving town of 200 inhabitants in Knox county, 12 miles northwest of Creighton, and is the terminus of the Norfolk branch of the F. E. & M. V. R. R. The town has the finest natural location of any town in northern Nebraska, and offers special inducements to those in search of a business location and a home--it is surrounded by a fine farming country, with advantages of wood, water and building stone. Verdigres Creek runs through the town and furnishes the best water power for milling and manufacturing purposes to be found in the state. The Bank of Verdigres is a safe and prosperous institution, a good hotel, several fine stores, stone quarry, and a live newspaper Knox County RECORDER are maintained here. The churches are Presbyterian and German Lutheran. Stage daily to Niobrara, fare $2.00 round trip.

Ayers A T Mrs, millinery
Bank of Verdigre, D E Johnson pres, E D Johnson cashier
Bartak & Pares, harness
Bell S E, restaurant
Brooks Geo A, dry goods, groceries
Bruce John, drayman
Carveth C B, phys
Chapell Wm, postmaster
Dworak W, lumber
Franklin John E, justice
Franklin W S, physician
French Wm, drugs
Grandstaff & Sucha, saloon
Holan Frank, blacksmith
Horton Bros, lumber
Howse John, contractor, builder
Kamanski Charles, atty
Keehn C A, meat market
Knox County Recorder, E H Purcell prop
Markitan Matt, contractor, builder
Mastalir Joseph F, prop Verdigre House
Menzie & Parker, flouring mills
Michel Emil, painter
Moolick Bros, blacksmiths
Pavlik & Beran, genl mdse
Purcell E H, prop Knox County Recorder
Schmidt Joseph K, hardware
Skeen S T, sta, tel and ex agt
Souba Joseph, carpenter
Thomas George W, live stock
Verdigre House, J F Mastalir prop

VERDIGRES BRIDGE, a post office in the northwestern part of Knox county.

Inkop Andrew, blacksmith
Johns Benj, flour mill
Ruhling Lorenz, postmaster

WALNUT GROVE, a postoffice in the western part of Knox county, about eight miles west of Verdigree, the present terminus of the Niobrara line of the F. E. & V. R. R.

WEIGAND, a rural post office in the northeastern part of Knox county on Beaver creek 15 miles east of Niobrara. Population 20.

Campbell N G, justice
Peterson O, blacksmith
Weigand Leonard, postmaster

WELCH, a postoffice in the northern part of Knox county, 11 miles east of Niobrara, the county seat.